Welcome to Velomtek

Take the road differently

Velomtek: the innovative solution! With our practical, ecological and comfortable velomobiles, you now have an alternative to the car.

Travel longer distances with ease

Contrary to the perception that the bicycle is not suitable for trips over 5 km, our velomobiles allow you to travel longer distances with ease. You can reach a cruising speed of 25 to 32 km/h, significantly reducing travel time.

Comfort and weather protection

One of the common stresses of riding a bicycle is being exposed to the elements, which can make riding uncomfortable. However, our velomobiles are designed to solve these problems. You’ll stay dry and warm, whether it’s rain or cold, thanks to our smart design and protective bodywork.

Pleasant and relaxed driving for better body comfort

By choosing Vélomtek, you get all the benefits of an electric-assist bicycle, but with an improved, versatile experience. Whether it’s to replace a second car, go to work, run errands or simply go for a walk, our velomobiles are the perfect solution.

The benefits of an improved electrically assisted bicycle

Our velomobiles offer optimal comfort while minimizing the impact on your body. No more sore wrists, back, shoulders, neck or buttocks often associated with traditional bicycling. Enjoy a pleasant and relaxed ride, regardless of the terrain or the distance travelled.

Choosing Velomtek means committing to an active and healthy lifestyle. Are you ready?