How did you find out about Velomtek?

I found you on YouTube giving a run  through of the VT1 Velo. I was looking for a Velo but wanted one made in Canada and there you where! I also saw your interview on the “Bent Bike Channel”!


How do you use your velomobile?

I ride from home five to six times a week on paved country roads! Generally about 15-20 miles, usually in the late afternoon!


What do you think about VT1-14s price?

For me, the price was fine! My ICE recumbent cost $6000 so to get a full, made in Quebec “human powered” Velo at your price, was fine!


Why  did you want a velomobile?

One of the reasons I wanted a Velo, was to make cold weather riding more comfortable! As we get little snow here in Norfolk County I’m able to ride pretty much all winter! The VT1 offers good protection from the elements, particularly cold wind! I haven’t tried the full canopy yet, that will come later!


Any other general or specific comments for future owners?

As most of my riding is later in the day, after daylight savings, it is usually dark! The head lights on the VT1 are great! They give a clear wide view of the road making it much safer! I have added a “Garmin Varia RTL1515” light on the back, that not only has a bright red light, but also senses a car approaching and sends a signal to my cell phone inside the Velo! You may want to consider this as a future option!


The VT1 is faster than my ICE trike, reducing my km/hour average by about 20-30 seconds!

I will be adding some “reflective” graphics on the sides and nose, to make night riding safer! I’ll send pics, when these are done!

All in all a good investment, and it gives all the dog walkers something to talk about!



Don Hay, Simcoe, Ontario.

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