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When will the product be available?

The first pre-commercial units of the VX2 are planned in summer 2018.
The first units for sale and rent in late summer 2018.

Is the vehicle properly ventilated in prevision of hot days?

Yes, the very ventilated seat is 50% perforated canvas, the possibility of driving without a visor, and the opening around the front wheel, allows adequate ventilation. In the case of a very hot day, it will be possible to remove the main door and roll without.

How fast will the Velomtek velomobile go?

The first commercial model named VX2 is not designed to ride at high speed. The experience acquired with the VX1 model tests and the technological improvements made to the VX2, should make it possible to drive 30-40 km / h quite easily on the flat with some electric assistance. The maximum safe speed should be between 50 and 60 km / hr. This remains to be confirmed.

Will the product be available for rent?

Yes, the rental of a VX2 velomobile for different periods of time is planned. The details remain to be determined.


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