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Can you ride on bike paths with the velomobile?

Yes, because it is considered a trike.

Can you ride on the road with the velomobile?

Yes, the driver must ride as close as possible to the curb or the right side of the road and in the same direction as the traffic, taking into account the condition of the road and the risk of washouts. The driver may also drive on the shoulder of the road in the same direction as the traffic.

When will the product be available?

Testing of the pre-commercial version of the VT1 is scheduled for spring 2021. The unofficial reservation process (without deposit) has begun with some customers.

Does the vehicle provide good ventilation on hot days?

Yes, the new design of the VT1 has a large air intake grill at the front that evacuates through the head hole and the hole at the back of the vehicle. There is also a foot opening that allows a certain flow of air. In case of a very hot day, it will be possible to remove the door.  On a sunny day, the rider compartment  keeps your body in the shade.

How fast will the Velomtek velomobile go?

The first commercial model (VX2) allows you to drive to speeds of 25-30 km/h fairly easily even without electric assistance. The maximum safe speed tested to date is approximately 45 km/h but it was not very stable.

The new model, called VT1, will allow you to drive faster without power assistance because it is more aerodynamic. The safe top speed of the VT1 km/hr remains to be confirmed with future tests. Till now, we reached near 50 km/hr in stable condition.

Will the product be available for rent?

Yes, the rental of a Velomtek velomobile for different periods of time is planned. The details remain to be determined.

Will VT1 replace the VX2?

The manufacturing of new VX2s is on hold for a certain period of time. The development and commercialization efforts are concentrated  on the VT1.


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