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When will the product be available?

The first commercial VX2 version was delivered in June 2019.
Velomtek takes orders for the next units.

Is the vehicle properly ventilated in prevision of hot days?

Yes, the very ventilated seat is 50% perforated canvas, the possibility of driving without a visor, and the opening around the front wheel, allows adequate ventilation. In the case of a very hot day, it will be possible to remove the main door and ride without.

How fast will the Velomtek velomobile go?

Up to 50 km/h were achieved along first VX2-T1 test rides. Higher speeds will be tested and may involve changing some parts like tires (slick vs thread type).  This remains to be confirmed.

Will the product be available for rent?

Yes, the rental of a VX2 velomobile for different periods of time is planned. The details remain to be determined.


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