Hello everyone,


Lots of news in recent weeks, including:

First delivery of a VT1-14s to a customer in Ontario.

See his customer experience here:  https://velomtek.com/customer-experience/riding-a-vt1-14s/


The first VT1-e-14s equipped with the new Grin All Axle V2 wheelmotor was delivered last week to a customer in Quebec.  To find out more, watch this video:



We’re in production for the next batch of velomobiles, and one of them has been reserved for a customer in Indiana, USA.  A VT1-e-14s.

Here’s a new video of the VT1 in action.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RVM9ebEkvU

See you soon!

Velomtek team.



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