Hello World!  In recent days, several pages of the site have been modified to present the new model named VX2. A series of improvements have been made to make the product more interesting on many aspects. Aerodynamics, comfort, power assistance and lighting system performance, braking system, speed options, materials, safety, ease of maintenance and many other elements have been reviewed.

In short, the VX2 will be equipped with two-wheel drive in the rear and a front wheel motor (similar to the VX1), providing a 3-wheel drive mode. The capacity of the battery will be improved. An 8-speed shifter will allow cadences of pedaling better adapted to road conditions. Active front suspension and passive rear suspension will be appreciated by the driver. The luggage compartment can be locked to protect your personal belongings.

The manufacturing process of the first test model named VX2-T1 has been underway since February 2018. You will be notified of new developments soon.

Other new features are coming on the site including a PRODUCTS page and an online order booking module. The booking process is started and VELOMTEK invites you to do yours now for the first VX2 velomobile. The request is currently made through the creation of a customer profile and by sending an email to info@velomtek.com stating your interest to acquire a velomobile this year.   Thereafter we will give you the details to confirm your registration and make the reservation payment of 100 $CAD.

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