Hello everyone!

On Friday September 9th, we finished the assembly process and the electrical settings for the beginning of the road tests with the P0.  It is currently equipped with a Shimano 8 speed transmission, a GMAC 10T motor, the new 1080Wh battery, the lifting handle, the carbon wheel wheel covers. Here are the pictures!

The results

We are very satisfied with the technological evolution brought to the VT1 with the P0.  It is stable, more easy to adjust, efficient and fast. The road tests will continue in the coming days and weeks in order to know more about our product and improve it over time.


The next steps

  • Finish updating the design and manufacturing documents to start production.
  • Integrate some new front brake parts.
  • Update the detailed product specifications for the different configurations.
  • Improve our supply chain.
  • Prepare the manufacturing contracts for the first VT1s pre-ordered in Canada.
  • Prepare the VT1 user manual.
  • Officially begin production of the VT1 next week.


See you soon!

The Velomtek team



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