Hello everyone!

After months of preparation of the shop facilities, we have started to manufacture several parts of the first 5 VT1 including the ones for the P0 (pre-production model).

We have improved the design of several parts and some are being tested.  The manufacturing processes are becoming more precise in order to control the quality of the parts and assemblies of our products.

In a few weeks, we expect to finish the assembly of the VT1 P0 and then do the appropriate tests before starting the production of the first VT1s pre-ordered in Canada.


The team, new trailer, new paved parking lot!


The new lift-off custom hinges.


The new air intake.


The trailer hitch. A lifting handle coming soon.


A second Teflon guide tube and the optional cycle-computer (for non e-assisted VT1).


The first carbon fiber parts produced with our new equipements and materials.


See you soon!

Velomtek Team.

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