Hello everyone!

Velomtek will move its velomobile development and production activities to a 4000 sq. ft. industrial plant in Beloeil in December. The new facilities will allow us to launch the production of the VT1 in the next few months. The address and other details will be communicated soon.

The Rohloff 14 speed transmission and the new 48V-18Ah battery have been successfully tested for the VT1-e-14s configuration.  The VT1-14s configuration (without wheel motor) was also tested successfully. A Schwalbe 20×2.15 tire has been installed to evaluate this option for some customers.

The 12V circuit and wire harness are not shown. They were under modifications.

The pre-ordering process will start online in the next few days. Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.

See you soon!


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