Hello the world!

Here are the highlights since the last post.

The mould for the door and left body shell have been made. See below images after plug removal.

The one for the right body shell will be completed in early January.

The first carbon fiber left body shell of the VT1 was molded on December 10th. A great experience!  The results are excellent for a first experiment.  The quality will be improved on the next parts.


About  the design process, several elements have been improved.

For the base of VT1, we have :

– Reinforcements at several points of the composite structure (crankset area in particular)

– Better clearance for legs

– Integration of a support for cell phone

– Enhanced rear wheel cover to better protect the transmission area.

– Revised suspension and repositioned idlers

– Position of the junction box and 52V battery relocated

– Ergonomic molded seat design, inspired by the best velomobile seats on the market

– Seat attachment method (front and rear portion) revised for strength and ease of use

– Detailed integration of Rohloff’s wheel motor and 14-speed transmission

– Design and assembly method of the steering mechanism for simplicity, strength and stability

All these updates will move into the manufacturing phase in the coming weeks.


For the body shell of the VT1, two changes have been made.

The integration of headlights on the mirrors and the front grille for improved ventilation.

More news to follow soon for the manufacturing of the VT1-T3.
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Vélomtek wishes you a happy new year 2021!



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