Hello all,

The VT1-e-14s will soon be distributed in Ontario for rental, sales and service, through a new business partner called i-Cycle Electric Bike Co, located in Kingston.

They are specialized in electric bikes. You will then be able to see and try an electrically assisted bicycle-mobile. We will keep you posted on the first delivery at I-Cycle expected very soon.



VT1 pictures from our customers.

The owner of P003 located in Vancouver, presents us his VT1 in Canadian Rockies scenery!

The owner of P004 located in Montreal before to make the first ride (to go home).


His storage space at home.


Production of the VT1 continues at Velomtek.  A brand new VT1-e-14s will be available for sale on May 19.  First come, first served!

To ride a Velomobile in the coming months, order now and take advantage of the introductory market prices in effect until May 30, 2023.


Thank you for your confidence and see you soon!


Velomtek team.

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