Hello all velomobile enthusiasts!

Things have been changing at Vélomtek since mid-June.

The geometry of the body shell has been improved and the mould making process has begun.  See below the mould plugs for the main body.

Final 5 axes machining is in progress. More news very soon.


The development team (François and Denis see below) carried out on July 1st, other tests with the proto #1 of the VT1, in company of Michel M. a close collaborator and future customer of a VT1.

The information gathered allowed us to adjust several parameters and improve the design of the next VT1 under construction. This is in terms of steering, driver positioning, rigidity, rear suspension and other elements.


The demand for tank steering is greater than expected. We are focusing on this configuration for the first production VT1. We also believe that it will allow for greater precision and safety.

Several discussions with future customers in Canada and in the USA who want a VT1-e (with electric assistance), led us to choose a wheel motor as the type of motorization. The identified model will be efficient and reliable.  It offers interesting features such as a regenerative braking mode despite being a gearmotor.

Moreover, to allow you to convert your future VT1 into a VT1-e, the transmission will be fixed to the floor (behind the seat similar to the design of the VX2). The propulsion will therefore be a mid-drive type.  More details will be communicated soon. This offers several interesting advantages.


Here are now new pictures of the VT1 showing the interior (the front portion). We can see the handlebars on each side of the seat.

In closing, we have prepared a short survey/form in Google-Form format.  We invite you to fill it out as the answers are important to us. Thank you in advance!
The link:  https://forms.gle/yPctyuMQNsjFbFxA7   
Have a great day!


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